• Beijing Radiation Center for Research and Application
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         Beijing Radiation Center for Research and Application was built in 1987, funded by International Atomic Energy Agency and Ministry of National Science and Technology. It’s an exemplary base for nuclear technique from laboratory to industrialization and in 2000 it was transformed into a hi-tech enterprise after the reform of scientific and technological system.

         The Center owns pre-production testing base for radiation technology with its products of Beijing Municipality and a key laboratory of new radiation materials of BJAST. It’s an doctoral research center of enterprises and R&D institute accredited by the Scientific and Technological Commission of Beijing Municipality. It earned official accreditation of ISO9001- 2000 in 2000 and earned official accreditation of JB9001A-2001 in 2007.

         Irradiation processing: With the Center’s four Co-60 irradiation facilities and an overall irradiation capacity of 8.5 million curie, the irradiation processing ability of the Center is the first in the country. The microbiology laboratory and dosage laboratory accredited by the National Accreditation Committee plus aseptic laboratories (classes: 100 and 1000) were built here. Because of its scientific and complete irradiation technical procedures and techniques, the irradiation utilization rate of the Center is over 27.3% and reaches the internationally advanced level. It has earned official accreditation of ISO9001, 13485 and EN552 accreditation of TUV of Germany and GMP accreditation of Japan and has developed over 500 customers and over 1000 types of irradiation products. It has provided disinfection service for more than 300 thousand tons of products with the total value of nearly 5.5 billion Yuan, and from 2005 it has began to provide radiation disinfection service for blood-collecting needles and tubes for Denka Sekisui Medical Equipment Company of Japan.

           Industrialization of scientific and technological programs and achievements: facilities built in the Center are: pre-production testing base for radiation technology and its products, laboratory of radiation physics and neutron measurement, laboratory of radiation chemistry and polymer materials, laboratory of nuclear exploration apparatuses and key laboratories of new radiation materials of BJAST. Of all its scientific and technological achievements, one has won the first-rate Scientific and Technological Progress Award of Beijing Municipality; three for the second-rate awards and one for the third-rate award. Other achievements are: one second-rate National Scientific and Technological Progress award and two third-rate Scientific and Technological Awards of national defense and a Silver award of China 12th National Invention Exhibition.

           Anti-rot paint:  The quality of 100% solid-content two-component solvent-free epoxy paint has reached internationally advanced level, but the price is only one third of similar products abroad. The product has now been widely used in national key programs like west-east natural gas transmission and LNG program in Guangdong etc.  

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