• Beijing Research Center of Urban System Engineering
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  •  Founded in 1984, Beijing Research Center of Urban System Engineering is a soft science research institute featuring on the cross of natural sciences and social sciences. Its research fields are urban development, regional development and management and policy-making. It uses comprehensively the theories and methods of systematic engineering to carry out qualitative and quantitative analysis of economic society, science and technology and environment and ecology etc, providing research consulting service for the decision-making assisting system of the country and Beijing Macro-management departments. Since the founding of the Center, it has fulfilled over 100 research programs for the country or Beijing Municipality and has gained over 30 Scientific and Technological Progress Awards on various levels. It also has attended research on capital development strategies, the electronics engineering of the 11th Asian Games, and the technological planning of Beijing Municipality; it has undertaken key research programs like Beijing Industry structure, development of hi-tech industry, urban economy, energy, traffic, consumption, and social development etc. Besides these, the Centre has organized international academic seminars on urban transportation and urban economy and has joined international programs like Sino-American cooperation research on China’s urbanization and comparative research between the urbanization in China and Japan. More than 200 academic articles have been published in the Center and the total number of publications reaches over 20.

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