• Beijing Decision-making Consultant Center
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  • Beijing Decision-making Consultant Center is an institute focused specially on decision-making consultancy.

       Following the service principle of “facing China with Beijing as its standing point and worldwide communication”, the Center has been devoted to serving the government, the society and the enterprises and has won trust of the customers. It was honored as one of the first “Credit Institutes of Beijing Scientific and Technological Consultant Industry”.  

    The working staff of Center consist of high-level and comprehensive members, such as expert officials from Central Ministries and Commissions, experts of the planning organizations from the government, scholars from national and international renowned research institutes, managing personnel from senior training organization, social celebrities and entrepreneurs. The present consultants, councilors and experts reach a number of 150, which include Members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, members of  Chinese Academy of Engineering, chief scientists, academic leaders, doctor mentors doctor advisors, expert officials, ambassadors, as well as senior experts in development strategies, urban planning, technology, ecology, finance, foreign trace and enterprise management.

    The service contents of the Center are: economic, social and technology decision-making research, information service for decision-making, training and conference organization, consultancy for international science and technology, trade, and commerce.   

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