• Beijing Science and Technology Publishing Co., Ltd.
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    Founded in October 1981, Beijing Science and Technology Press is a comprehensive press and its publications cover the fields of science and technology in medicine, children, life and enterprise management.

       The press is composed of two departments of modern medical books: department of Chinese traditional medicine books and department of popular medicine books; three departments of Children’s books: department of life education and department of enterprise management and inspirational books. The editors all have different professional titles and have established close contacts with authors and translators of various fields. For more than 20 years, the press has published more than 3000 types of books, among which over 300 types have been honored as excellent science and technology books, science popularization readers and best-sells on various levels.

       The external cooperation has been growing and it has established extensive contacts with America, Britain, Germany, France, Belgium, Japan and Korea etc, as well as with Hong Kong and Taiwan.  

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