• The Jurassic Beasts Fossil of Beijing Museum of Natural History Was Exhibited in National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo
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    On July 6, the exhibition “Leaps in Evolution” was opened in National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo. The important collection of Beijing Museum of Natural History “The Jurassic Beasts” was exhibited in the exhibition.
            The Jurassic Beasts (new genera and species) (Juramaia sinensis gen. et sp. nov.) with the meaning of “Jurassic Mother from China”, represents the oldest currently known eutheria (placentalia) mammal fossil record. The discovery of Jurassic Beasts has set up a new milestone for mammalian evolution history, bring forward the previous cretaceous record for 35 million years, fill the important interval of fossil record and help correct the mammalian evolution history based on modern DNA method determination.
    The research achievement of Jurassic Beasts has been published in the internationally famous “Science” in August 2011. 

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