• Beijing Municipal Institute of Labor Protection Participated in EuroNoise 2015 in the Netherlands
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     On May 31, the scientific research team, led by Zhang Bin, researcher of Beijing Municipal Institute of Labor Protection, visited the Netherlands to participate in EuroNoise 2015. The EU officials and acoustic experts and scholars from all over the world attended the conference. Researcher Zhang Bin was invited as president of NoiseMapping Session.

    During the conference, Dr. Wu Rui delivered a speech according to the thesis submitted by Beijing Municipal Institute of Labor Protection, with the title of Application of Noise Mapping in Environmental Noise Management in Hangzhou, China, and elaborated the application of noise map technology in Hangzhou, China, emphatically introduced the technology method with Chinese characteristics, which the EU countries have not tried before.

    Subsequently, Researcher Zhang Bin and other participants carried out deep discussion on relevant fields including China-Europe noise control, and communication on noise map, sound barriers and atmosphere and so on. Further cooperation intentions have been reached.


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