• Beijing Institute of Nutritional Resources holds the first International Forum of China-Korea-Japan Sauce Industry
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  • From the 9th to 10th of May, the first International Forum for China-Korea-Japan sauce industry, hosted by Brewing Branch of Chinese Society for Microbiology, co-hosted by Beijing Institute of Nutritional Resources and assisted by Huaimao Food Co., Ltd. has been held in Baoding, Hebei. Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Baoding Municipal Committee and vice mayor Zhang Qijun attended the forum, as well as more than 100 specialists from 40 universities and research institutes from China, Japan and Korea.

    Director Nanben Xianyi from food research department of the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO) in Japan, Professor Sin Dongwo from Chonbuk National University in Korea, former chairman Ito Maindo at Marusanai Co., Ltd., Director Kim Chenghuan from Food Biotechnology Research Institute from BHNBIO Co., Vice President and Secretary Bai Yan from China Condiment Industrial Association, Dr. Lu Fei from Beijing Institute of Nutritional Resources made keynote speeches, and introduced the current technological situation and development of China, Japan and Korea.

    During the conference,  Beijing Institute of Nutritional Resources signed a strategic cooperative agreement with Huaimao Food Co., Ltd., and the two parties carried out cooperative projects on “ the Key Technological Research of Nutrient Leisure Transformed Products based on Traditional Pickles ” and “the Construction of characteristic fingerprinting of Traditional Tianmianjiang Sauce based on multi- spectroscopy technology”.

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