• Du Feijin, Member of Municipal Standing Committee and Minister of Propaganda Department Visited the Elk Center of BJAST for Investigation
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  • On September 8, Du Feijin, member of Municipal Standing Committee and Minister of Propaganda Department visited  Beijing Elk Center of Ecological Experiment of BJAST for investigation accompanied by Shu Xiaofeng, Director of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Cultural Relics and Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group, Wang Youguo, Deputy Secretary of Daxing District Party Committee and Governor of Daxing District, Gao Dawei, Deputy Director of the Beijing Gardening and Greening Bureau, and Qi Jinli, Member of the Standing Committee and Minister of Propaganda Department of Daxing District. Guo Guangsheng, President of BJAST and Gao Yue, Deputy Chief Engineer and Director of Condition Office of BJAST participated the investigation discussion.   

    Du Feijin and his companions looked around the field living environment of elks on spot and knew about the historical and cultural origin of elks, ecological protection, experimental research and habitat construction of elks and other situations. Guo Guangsheng said that BJAST will take measures as the starting point including applying for world heritage for elks, participating collection of mascot for Beijing Winter Olympic Games, etc., strengthen cooperation with all parties, carry out the ecological protection and research on popular science education, make efforts to promote the integration of culture and science and technology and serve the construction of Beijing as the national cultural center. 

    Du Feijin pointed out that we should closely surround the construction of national cultural center, do well in the top-level design of Yongding River Cultural Belt in Western Hills, strengthen the excavation and protection of historical data, cultural relics and underground resources in Nanhaizi Region, increase the sorting and mining of its cultural connotation, rely on the new media platform to intensify external propaganda and publicity, and build the elk culture into a splendid pearl of the Yongding River Cultural Belt in Western Hills.

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